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  • We all have an innate desire to look fashionable and stylish in the socioeconomic circle. Fashion on a significant level is a flash of color with a dash of glamour. It all about experimenting different looks styles and textures. It is increasingly important in our life because it is considered to be the mean of self-expression. The garment or accessories that we wear help us to identify with the group, lifestyle, profession or an attitude.


  • When do you think of a word fashion what comes to your mind instantaneously? Outrageous runway outfits? Cocktail dresses? Tracksuits? Or something else either it is clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes or cosmetics you are applying, whatever comes to your mind is called fashion. It is something trendy, something valued for a certain period. Fashion and style are distinctive and a continually changing trends in style of clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup or hairstyle.


  • Fashion being single most significant phenomena in today's world is something which affects the attitude of people.  Individuals and societies are using clothes and other body adornments as a form of nonverbal communication to indicate the rank, gender, occupation and group affiliation. It is free speech which is not confined to clothing only. What we wear, how we dress is something which provides other shorthand for reading the surface of your social situation subtly.


  • The concept of fashion was introduced in the 1820s but it is successful in maintaining a firm hold on society as well as help in determining the social classes. People started taking a risk, trying new things and testing the boundaries of a community in the 1820s. From petticoats in 1820 to blue jeans in 1960 everything comes under the definition of fashion. Since the beginning, it is continuously evolving, and its evolution depends on some factors. Rich and the famous, political figures and royalties all are playing a significant role in moving the seasonal trend of fashion. The advertising media, culture, and tradition evolving through centuries have a significant say in changing the fashion trends. In short, the surfacing of fashion is a never-ending venture to reach a new world. It is an everlasting reappearance of the new. A Proper understanding of fashion in this century is important as it is helping to gain a sufficient consideration of the modern world. Fashion is not just the matter of clothes it is a mechanism and a philosophy that every plausible area of the modern world. There is a close connection between fashion and clothes, but we cannot count all clothes in fashion. Fashion helps us to distinguish different social groups in society.


  • Fashion and style is an ever-changing dilemma. Variety, change, novelty and creativity are some of the most defining characteristics of the style. The world fashion industry with a wide range of designers is continuously introducing new products and services and consistently meeting the innate desire of the individuals to look good. The fashion industry has undergone persistent changes, and it is indefinitely very dynamic. Due to a lot of designers and people interested in embracing fashion and making people feel good and accepted in their socio-economic circle the choice to make the right decision at the right time is getting the bit difficult. Individuals with a lot of information at their disposal about latest trends and the running fades are facing the difficulty to make an appropriate choice for themselves.


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