Fashion Jewelry

Fire Sale has the widest collection of women’s fashion jewelry available in just the right price. Whether you’re the boss, a home-maker or a carefree, teen soul rambling at a beach, we’ve got you the right pieces to power up your style. Don’t believe our words. Explore yourself.


There are women. There are beautiful women. And then, there are head-turners; those whose fashion statements and jewelry selection skills are enviously on-point. While apparel is certainly important, it’s jewelry that kicks up the game to a whole new level. Be it crystals, beads or stones, your pick of jewelry does wonders to your looks and makes you look like a million dollars. Pair your attire with the right kind and see yourself turning the heads in any gathering, on any given day.


Since markets are flooded with crazy variety and cutting through the best while avoiding the ‘junk’ is tougher than before, Fire Sale aims to be a go-to platform for women to choose the most attractive and exquisite looking fashionable jewelry on a budget. Our focus is solely on making our women look gorgeous without having them managing their budgets. We understand, nothing can replace the love of women for jewelry, and this is why, our collection is sweet, versatile and top-quality.


What Kind Of Fashion Jewelry Can You Find?


You’ll get the best products at best prices on Fire Sale with a promise of top-notch service. Some of our best selling products are listed below.


A pendant for a woman who’s smart and classy. This piece is beautifully designed to glamorise your outfit, no matter you wear it for a sunday brunch or an evening soiree. It has authentic Australian jewel, which can deal with the ravages of time and still look beautiful. The twisted adjustable chain just makes it way more enhancing and consolidates your look further.

  • Australian Crystal Water Drop Necklaces - available in 10 colors.


A watch for a woman who carries power up her sleeves. Pair it with a chic jumpsuit or office formals, and give the lady in you some cool fashion kicks. This watch has leather strips and a buckle to attach it with your wrist. Buy it and see yourself oozing some confidence vibes everywhere.

  • Symbol Ladies Watch


A watch for a woman who personifies elegance and believes in adding bling to her overall appeal. This is the finest match of style and simplicity, and just too perfect for any outfit you’ve a heart for, both formal and casual. This exclusive watch is from Genvivia and has features, like Auto Date and Shock Resistance.

  • Bracelet Quartz Watch


A watch for a woman who’s vivacious and full of beans. This watch sits in the middle of colorful acrylic bands, which are a treat to watch. So, if you’re a party babe, just pair your cutie dress with this piece of brightness, and do a trick with your styling.

  • Casual Bracelet Watch


A pair of earrings for a woman who loves being the star of all shows. They are too gorgeous to handle and designed for women who are trendsetters. Wearing a gown? Complement it with these elegant earrings and channel your inner charm as if you’re the pulse of a gathering. These drop earrings are made of crystal rhinestones, ivory faux pearls and rhodium plated. You get three colors - Silver, Clear and Ivory.

  • Elegant Crystal and Pearl Earrings



What Do We Ensure You?


On Fire Sale, we not only wish to be your favorite platform for fashion jewelry buys, but also look at upgrading your collection for a beautiful look. We have got the pieces to help you make an impression wherever you go, and a little more for a fulfilling shopping experience with us.


  • 100% quality, double-checked fashion jewelry pieces.
  • A huge variety for women of all shades and styles.
  • Prices that suit every budget.
  • Fast delivery of your orders.
  • Great customer service.
  • Simplified exchange and return policy.
  • No extra/hidden charges.


We aim for a service that compels you returning to us, again and again. And we’re sure that you’ll. We work for complete customer satisfaction.


How is the Fashion Jewelry Section Made?


Of course, it’s made to ensure complete convenience on your end. Once you’ve entered the page and selected the jewelry you wish to buy, tap on ‘Sale’ to reach the information page.


Inside, you’ll be see a number of product pictures to give you a clarity on how the product actually looks like. On the right side, you can select the color and the quantity of the product, like 1, 2, 5 or 10.


You can either add the product the product to the cart (if you wish to buy it later) or can instantly purchase it by hitting ‘Buy Now’. Also, you’ll see a countdown running, suggesting the time until the sale ends.


Below, you’ll see the total number of units left in stock, followed by other information, like case material, brand name, gender and more. Overall, the navigation is very simple and you’ll find yourself scrolling across the ideal fashion jewelry the moment you start shopping.