• The biggest sale fever is gripping all watch lovers. You got to stop everything, as Fire Sale opens the season’s greatest sale for men's and women’s watches available at unbelievable prices. You’ll find an interesting range of watches, ranging from leathery straps, gold-plated wrist liners, to fob watches, which are worth every penny. Excited? Keep reading to know what’s on the offer.


  • When you meet someone, you do a handshake. That’s when your watch pretty much becomes the first opportunity to nail the first impression. Watches are undeniably important, and no matter how many you possess, there’s always a space for an extra. Guess, we absolutely feel you, which is why, Fire Sale has maintained a collection of elegant and stylish watches without having spending big bucks. And, the consistent discount offers are an extra layer of icing on a fine-baked cake.


  • We’ve made it a point to not compromise on quality of our watches and give our customers the pride of wearing the best of industry standards. Why? Because they deserve it. They deserve real value for their money. They need supreme service in return of trust they’ve shown in us. Our watches are simply a reflection of our motto - 100% customer satisfaction, valuable products and friendlier service. The watches are acquired from the reputed brands, and are made with great materials. You can wear them for years without feeling even for a passing second that they don’t look how they used to look when you first purchased them.


  • So if you’re looking for an ideal wristwatch, you gotta try our splendid collection. We and our customers vouch for a fulfilling experience.


What Kind Of Watches Will You Find?


Everybody will concur that watches are expensive and very tempting for your will to save money. Fire Sale has banished the heavy price tags, which have always been a constant spoiler. And, is offering the top-quality, trendy watches at budget-friendly rates. Explore the watch section.


Black Leather Watch


This is incredibly voguish and high-class. If you are looking for a typical swanky watch, this is a perfect buy for you.


Bronze Automatic Pocket Watch


Pocket watches are heavily underestimated as an oldie’s stuff. Because that’s not the case. Only a man, having a prowess of managing accessorie,s can carry a pocket watch with great panache. If you think you have it, grab this bronze piece RN.


Casual Floral Watch


This flowery watch is a cuteheart, we say. We can’t even imagine how gorgeous it will look on you. The color combination is superb and perfect for a woman who doesn’t want her fashion statement to go the usual way.


Butterfly Nurse Fob Watches (4 colors)


There watches are a treat to the soaring eyes. The butterflies look really lovely and a perfect fit for a birthday bash or a get together party.


 Faux Leather Men’s Fashion Watch


It’s a perfect edition for all your formal wears and casual wardrobe hangouts, we bet. This is an elegant looking watch with scores of oomph factor. If you’re looking for a stylish look, place your bets on it.


Heart Wrist Watches


This is for the adorable ladies. Style with a color-coordinated dress and see the magic happening.


Gold Plated Automatic Watch


These are very expensive looking, but with Fire Sale, they can be the prettiest additions to your accessory collection in exchange of a very friendly price. We definitely suggest to you to try them once.


These are some of the many watch styles we’ve curated for your personal looks. Grab them now and create a wardrobe other crave for.


How Have We Designed Our Watches Page?


Our Watches page is neat, intuitive and very scalable. We’ve designed our Watches page for your ease of use and smooth navigation. This is how you’ll be scoring from one point to another.



  1. Choose a watch, click ‘View’ and you’ll soon be taken inside to the info page.
  2. You’ll see the ‘Color’ and ‘Quantity’ menus.
  3. Below, a countdown will show the exact duration left for the sale offer to end.
  4. And, then a bar that shows how many units are left in stock.
  5. Going down further, you’ll see the rest of the information, like material, brand name, style, clasp type, case shape and more.
  6. Either add the product to the cart or click ‘Buy Now’.
  7. Then, you can choose your preferred payment option and place your order.



After this, Fire Sale will take things in its own hands. It will spring into action and activate its mechanism to complete your order as soonest as possible. You’ll get 100% quality product with no hidden charges. Tracking number will be provided, so that you can keep a check on your product’s location. Buying watches is all very easy, safe and quick with Fire Sale.